Emma Stone attends the Opening Ceremony and ‘Birdman’ premiere during the 71st Venice Film Festival on August 27, 2014 in Venice, Italy.

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"on my planet, we have a legend about people like you. it’s called footloose. and in it, a great hero, named kevin bacon, teaches an entire city full of people with sticks up their butts that, dancing, well, is the greatest thing there is."

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Andy Samberg and Lena Headey on stage at the 66th Primetime Emmy Awards (x)

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Into the unknown, to where I feel home 🏊 #vsco #vscocam #summer #beach

Into the unknown, to where I feel home 🏊 #vsco #vscocam #summer #beach

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You kill Mr. White, you’re gonna have to kill me, too.

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Apparently they think they can save the galaxy.

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Toddler in desperate race against time to find bone marrow transplant to treat rare cancer



19 month old Khalid has a rare form of blood cancer and has been placed on the bone marrow transplant list. He has just six weeks left to find a match, but it’s proving difficult as he’s mixed race (half white, half desi). His father is a 50% match, but for the best chance of him recovering he needs a donor who is a 100% match.

If you’re of the same mixed ethnic background, living in the UK, and are willing to be tested for a match for baby Khalid, contact his parents here https://www.facebook.com/groups/1420679168150549/?fref=ts

To register:

It’s super important that ethnic minorities and mixed race people register as there is a huge lack of matches for the ethnic minorities suffering from blood cancer.

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